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    "If you give a good idea to a mediocre team, they will screw it up.



    If you give a mediocre idea to a brilliant team,

    they will either fix it or throw it away and come up with something better.”


    Ed Catmull

    Co-Founder Pixar

  • How We Work


    Think Backwards

     "What features do we need? How long will this take?" 

    "What can we leave out? What can we do in the next 4 weeks?"


    Business Before Technology

    ❌ Obsess over technology

    ✅ Obsess about customers


    1 Prototype > 100 meetings

     ❌ All conversation, and documentation

    "You mean something like this?"


    Failure Is Overrated

    ❌ "We're aiming to 'Fail Fast"

    ✅ Test risky assumptions first, but always aim for success


    Execution > Ideas

    ❌ Designs that go nowhere, buggy software

    ✅ Put features in front of users, and iterate


    Talent Density

    ❌ "How big is the team?'"

    "How good is the team?!!"

  • Selected Projects

    'Quality of people'
    'Quality of people'
    'Thought leadership'
    'Thought leadership'
    Chaos into calm
    Chaos into calm
    'Exceeding Expectations'
    'Exceeding Expectations'
    'Simple and Straightforward'
    'Simple and Straightforward'
    'A Real Pleasure'
    'A Real Pleasure'
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    Free consultations available for potential customers, as well as startups.


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